Our Colors

We use a wide variety of colors in the mixing process, laying process, as well as the finishing process. For larger projects that require all color we can mix a color in the truck before it comes out which is called an Intragel Color. There is also a Color Hardener  which is used in highlighting and in borders. The last part is a color that is used within the crevasses and depths of the concrete called the Release Agent.

The (CA) "Color Hardener" is the additional colors we work in after the concrete is in place. We use them for the highlights you see in our work or on borders. 

The (RA) "Release Agent" is the top color that gets embedded into the concrete when it's stamped and fills the crevasses and depths of the concrete.

You can see in the image the Blue Arrow is the Color Hardener (CA) and the Red Arrow pointing in the crack is the Release Agent (RA) 

Below are a list of the suppliers we use when it comes to color! If you want to see these colors in real life applications please click the SEE OUR WORK button and you will be able to see our work with the color samples that were used.

*Click on the images below to pull up larger views.

If you have any questions about the colors or coloring process please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

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